T122 Vacuum Energies & the Aether

Vacuum energies and the Aether
[Explaining radiant & standing-wave mass-Energies in spatial co-ordinate systems]

- mass-ENERGY-Matter differentiation
- The Aether defined
- Vacuum energies defined
- Electro-Magnetic fields
- Kinetic-Electro-Magnetic fields
- Vacumm energies in the Aether
- Gravito-Electro-Magnetic fields
- The force of Gravity
- The force of Gravitation
- Inertial mass and gravitational masses

Revealing the quantum energy geometries in various spatial co-ordinate systems and how they give rise to the physical properties of mass-Energy & Matter.

Explaining how vacuum energies of the Aether give rise to the convergent force of Gravity & what role divergent EM forces play in Gravitation itself.