Support Tetryonics Development

Any and all donations go directly to the building of a Stellar Pinch Reactor which will be giving free energy to all humanity, solving future energy requirements and help address climate change worldwide. 

Since its inception in 2008 Tetryonics has grown to become an all enveloping passion that has grown from humble beginning to become a fully developed unified theory of everything. It unifies Quantum Mechanics (QM), Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED), Chemistry, Biology, Cosmology and many of the current conundra and paradoxes of modern science.

Although very successful in explaining many of modern science’s greatest paradoxes it remains a theory that requires validation in order to be proven and developed to the point of it being accepted by mainstream academia and experimenters alike.
In line with this the next step in the evolution of Tetryonic theory to Tetryonix applications is the validation of the theory itself and the development of a multitude of novel, new devices that will not only prove Tetryonics to be an accurate theory of Everything but also a help humanity in the process.

What are the devices I speak of and how can you assist me?
Tetryonics has provided insight into many fields of science but the most exciting is the field of electrical engineering. It is in this area I intend to use the donated funds first and formost over the next few years.
1. The first, and possibly most exciting, experiment that I will be conducting will build on what I have already begun myself: to create a star here on earth and use it [via Tetryonic knowledge] to convert waste Matter into radiant heat and light that can in turn be captured and turned into real electrical power for use anywhere on any scale, day or night; ie. a new base load power supply that replicates and utilises stellar processes [not fusion] to form the basis of a new advance in clean, limitless power for all worldwide Building on this advance.
2. Also I will be developing concurrently a new form of battery for the storage, transport and distribution of these energies to remote communities and suburbs alike – even homes – all based on how Deuterium nuclei work in Nature at the quantum scale.
3. Thirdly and lastly will be the rapid development of 3D CAD modelling of all electromagnetic (EM) fields, particles and periodic elements up to and including RNA/DNA itself and complex macro-scale biomolecules that permeate throughout LIFE itself on our planet.

Of these 3 initial base projects and applied Tetryonics projects work has already begun on 2, the creation of stable stars in a bottle and the 3D CAD modelling, To enable me to advance these projects beyond their present scope funds are required.
For those that invest I will look to inscribe their names upon and within the various project prototypes outlined above [on a manner reflecting each individuals contribution to the overall fund pool] and look to other ideas so as to reward them in kind as these devices gather mainstream success and replace existing modern technologies over time.

Thank you for reading this brief outline of what I am raising funds for – and should you wish, please feel free to message me directly to answer any further questions you may have regarding either Tetryonics itself of Tetryonix [the applies solutions arising from it].